Pressing forward, looking back

Simpsons, The Economist, New Challenges for Indonesia

It’s at a crossroads.

The Economist runs an end-of-year double issue each December, so that its journalists can spend Christmas with their families instead of explaining to the rest of the world how the bracing effect of market forces can make us all richer and happier. The double issue contains a number of special articles, longer than usual, on all sorts of different subjects—usually in historical perspective. Among the modern and contemporary subjects that feature this year:

There’s a weekly limit of six articles for non-subscribers like me, and that’s already seven. But there are some others that are worth looking at, like the one on the ‘Mardi Gras Indians‘ in New Orleans.

Meanwhile, a quote from the Simpsons:

Homer: “Look at me, I’m reading The Economist! Did you know Indonesia is at a crossroads?”
Marge: “No!”
Homer: “It is!”

(Thanks to Wikipedia for that one.)


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