Week 4 seminars and postgrad event

Our seminar speaker this week, in a joint event with the Centre of West African Studies, is David Anderson, professor of African history at the university of Warwick. David is the author of ‘Histories of the Hanged’ and an expert on Britain’s repression of the Mau Mau rebellion in 1950s Kenya. As such, he’s been involved in the current court case against the UK government by Kenyans who were tortured by British forces—a case which has resulted in the government being forced to admit the existence of incriminating archives it claimed had been lost or destroyed.

The seminar is entitled ‘The rule of fear: state violence in colonial Kenya, 1952–55’: 4.15pm, Wednesday, in the Rodney Hilton library as usual (Arts building, 3rd floor).

David is also running a discussion session for postgraduates beforehand, 3–4pm in the Styles room—next to the Rodney Hilton library—about the question of archives being lost, destroyed, or hidden: ‘Guilty secrets and historical enquiry’. Please email Dr White if you’d like to come: b.t.white@bham.ac.uk. Attendance is open but we’d like to keep track of numbers.

Finally, a quick announcement about an event elsewhere in the university that may be of interest: the History of Medicine seminar, in room WF38 of the Medical School on Thursday 31 January at 5.30pm. The title is ‘Soaking up the rays: visual and material cultures of British light therapeutics, c.1899-1938’, and the speaker is Tania Woloshyn (also from Warwick, as it happens).


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