Imperial Humanitarianism

We’re holding a round table this Friday on ‘Imperial Humanitarianism’, with speakers including Alan Lester (Sussex), Matthew Hilton (Birmingham, talking about something we’ve posted about here recently), and—following a late change of programme—Ben White (also Birmingham). Full details are below; attendance is free, but please email to reserve a place so we can order enough tea, coffee, and cake. Yes! There’ll be free tea, coffee, cake…

Imperial Humanitarianism poster

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2 thoughts on “Imperial Humanitarianism

  1. Reblogged this on everydaygeopolitics and commented:
    Colleagues in the Department of History at Birmingham are hosting this interesting roundtable on Imperial Humanitarianism. Dr. Ben White, who lectures modern history of the Middle East, is also leading the research theme “Saving Humans: Risk, Intervention, Survival” at Birmingham’s new Institute of Advanced Studies:
    in which Adam is currently involved, so watch this space!

  2. […] level—a subject with plenty of resonances here at the Centre (see earlier posts here, here, and here, for […]

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