Non-state humanitarianism network, workshop one

Poster for the American Committee for Relief in the Near East's 'Campaign for $30,000,000', 1917

With Kevin O’Sullivan of the National University of Ireland, Galway, our colleague Matthew Hilton is coordinating a research network on non-state humanitarianism, funded by an AHRC research networking grant that will cover a series of workshops over the rest of 2013. The first is taking place tomorrow, Friday 15 March, here in Birmingham, in the delightful surroundings of Winterbourne House and garden (warning, slightly irritating music). Participants will be joining us from several universities in the UK, Ireland, Germany and the USA, as well as from the Overseas Development Institute and Save the Children.

You can read about the network here, and about tomorrow’s workshop here. It’s a small, closed workshop, but the research agenda it’s hoping to generate will be publicized on the website.

You may also notice a certain er family resemblance between this blog and the network’s website. Full disclosure: Kevin used this theme first, for a blog he was running while a postdoc at Birmingham last year. We liked it and adopted it too.

Proclamation by the mayor of New York City supporting the aims of the Near East Relief, 1917

Images from University of Minnesota digital libraries
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2 thoughts on “Non-state humanitarianism network, workshop one

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