Empire in peril

Patrick Longson, one of our excellent PhD students (read his blog here), is co-organizing a two-day interdisciplinary workshop this November at Queen Mary, University of London: ‘Empire In Peril: Invasion-Scares and Popular Politics in Britain, 1890-1914’. This should be a fantastic  opportunity to discuss the political, cultural and social history the period before the first world war through the lens of the ‘invasion scare’. (Patrick’s own research puts the Anglo-German rivalry of the period in its wider cultural and popular context.) Here’s the poster:

Empire in Peril, Queen Mary, University of London -  Poster

Anyone who is fascinated by British society on the eve of the first world war, please do come along. Public lectures and panels will be held, with prominent historians providing insight into the latest research in this field.

If you have an academic interest please find the ‘Call for Papers’ notice below.

Empire in Peril workshop CFP

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One thought on “Empire in peril

  1. Ross says:

    Reblogged this on Thoughts on Military History and commented:
    An interesting forthcoming conference on ‘Invasion Scares’…Hmm…Can I think of an idea!

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