History after Hobsbawm

Our colleague Matthew Hilton is one of the organizers of this big conference taking place at Birkbeck next spring.

History after Hobsbawm: A conference on the current trajectories of history

Eric HobsbawmStarts: Apr 29, 2014 05:00 PM
Finishes: May 01, 2014 06:00 PM
Location: Senate House, London
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A major international conference, with plenary speakers and large parallel sessions, exploring where the study of history is currently heading. The conference draws inspiration from the capacious legacy of the late Eric Hobsbawm, but is not a memorial event. We aim, rather, to bring together discussion about what we are currently doing as socially-committed historians, where we are headed, and what it means to be an historian in the twenty-first century.

NB—The conference fee includes refreshments, lunches, and a drinks reception, but does NOT include accommodation which you will need to arrange separately.Plenary sessions:

  • Mark Mazower – Europe
  • Gareth Stedman Jones – Marxism
  • Catherine Hall – Empire
  • Chris Wickham, Maxine Berg and Rana Mitter – World histories
  • Geoff Eley – History and politics

Panel sessions include:

  • Modern political conflict (Illaria Favretto, Francois Jarrige, Lucy Riall, Steve Smith)
  • Historical explanation (Peter Burke, Filippo de Vivo, Lynn Hunt, Renaud Morieux)
  • Britain, Empire, and Europe (Antoinette Burton, Maya Jasanoff, Jan Rüger)
  • Global Environmental History (Sunil Amrith, Christof Mauch, Harriet Ritvo, Paul Warde)
  • Nationalisms (Stefan Berger, John Breuilly, Bill Schwarz)
  • Marxist and post-Marxist social history (Andy Wood, Jane Whittle, Lucy Robinson)
  • The 17th-century Crisis (Mike Braddick, Geoffrey Parker, Sanjay Subrahmanyam)
  • Class, gender, ethnicity (Sean Brady, Marjorie Levine-Clark, Sonya Rose, John Tosh)

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