Gieves and Hawkes strides, cropped

Dear Sir—No doubt you are wondering what has happened to your two suits, I had them well in hand last week and the coats and waistcoats are ready for fitting, but the two pairs of trousers are somewhere in a heap of rubble, the remains of my trousermaker’s workshop. The result of a Hun Souvenir which arrived last Saturday morning. The workman and his helpers escaped by a miracle with not bad injuries but are all in hospital.

Part of my trouble is that there is not enough material now available for another pair of trousers for either of the suits. There is just a chance that the trousers may be saved. I hope also that you will be indulgent for the delay, your obedient servant, William Briston Dodson.

Edmund Knox, editor of Punch and a pretty snappy dresser, gets a letter from his tailor, October 1940. ‘The suits, with two pairs of trousers each, were ready by November.’

Penelope Fitzgerald, The Knox Brothers (paperback edition, London, 2002), p. 245
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