La rentrée

The start of term is nearly upon us, and we have a busy term of activities lined up at the Centre for Modern & Contemporary History. Full details will be announced soon, but here are some dates for the diary:

  • Every Wednesday at 4.15 in the Rodney Hilton library (Arts building, 3rd floor) we have our research seminar, starting in week 1 with Robert Bickers, professor of history at Bristol and director of the British Inter-University China Centre. Prof Bickers is also one of the people behind the Historical Photographs of China website, and he has a blog of his own, too. The title of his seminar is World in motion: professional circuits through 19th-century China.
  • On the afternoon of Friday 6 Dec we will be running our autumn term round table on ‘Histories of the supernatural’. Confirmed speakers so far are Rhodri Hayward (Queen Mary), Isak Niehaus (Brunel), and our own David Gange.
  • We also have a provisional date for our annual lecture, and we’re very pleased to announce that the speaker this year will be Susan Pedersen, professor of history at Columbia University. The lecture will take place on Wed 12 Feb (a bit earlier in the year than usual), and there’ll be a postgraduate event beforehand.

Details of events will be posted here ahead of time, so click on the little tab marked ‘+ Follow’ in the bottom right-hand corner to receive updates by email (if you haven’t already).

Update: among our seminar speakers this term will be three new staff from here at Birmingham, so if you’d like to hear about their work, here are the dates and titles:

  • 16 Oct: Klaus Richter, ‘Self-extermination or self-determination’: the (re-)construction of east central Europe, 1917–23
  • 23 Oct: Matt Houlbrook, Thinking queer/Rethinking the interwar
  • 27 Nov: Su Lin Lewis, Cities of vice: red light districts in Asian ports

We’re also getting some excellent images from our seminar speakers for the posters—here’s one from Ludivine Broch, who’ll be speaking on Wed 20 Nov about theft on the railways in wartime France.

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