Spring 2015 Week 1 Seminar: Eirini Karamouzi: Crisis and Stabilisation in 1970s Greece and Southern Europe

The Week 1 Modern and Contemporary History Research Seminar is by

Dr. Eirini Karamouzi (Sheffield)

Aperçu de « Microsoft Word - Karamouzi.M&C.Poster.docx »

Abstract: The collapse of authoritarianism in Greece and Portugal in 1974, Franco’s eclipse in Spain in 1975 and the rise of the Communist’s appeal in Italy in 1975-6 drastically changed the political landscape in Western Europe. The sudden democratization of Southern Europe and the short-lived uncertainty that followed, rattled not only the USA which had come to view any changes towards democratic rule as a direct threat to détente but also the EC- Nine who realized that they had to step in to safeguard democracy in Southern Europe and ensure that political change in these countries would not be exploited by the Soviet Union.The paper highlights the rise of Southern Europe as a single political concept in the eyes of both the EEC and the USA, investigating how both sides across the Atlantic dealt with the region, and especially Greece in the turbulent years from 1974 to 1976.

All are welcome for this first session of 2015, and there will be drinks.

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