Spring 2015 Week 3 Seminar: Hans van de Ven: D-Day in Asia: Japan’s Operation Ichigo in China, 1944.

The Week 3 Modern and Contemporary History Research Seminar is by:

Hans van de Ven (Cambridge)

Van de Ven.M&C.PosterAbstract: If D-Day was the defining event of 1944 in the European Theater of the War, Operation Ichigo, the largest ground operation of Japan during WWII, was so in East Asia. Unlike D-Day, Ichigo was a disaster for the Allies and a triumph for Japan. During this presentation, Hans van de Ven will analyze the reasons for the poor performance of Chinese Nationalist troops, its consequences for the rise of the Chinese Communists, and the long term impact on the history of East Asia. He will also discuss how individuals experienced the war and how intellectuals responded to it.

All are welcome, and there will be drinks.

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