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MA Student Research Day, 8 June 2015, 11 AM.

We’re very pleased to announce a research day for the excellent dissertation projects of our students in the MA Contemporary History, MA Global History and MA in Modern British Studies.

Monday June 8, in the Whitting Room on the 4th Floor of the Arts Building from 11-15:30h.

All are welcome.


  • 11h Welcome/Introductory Comments (Organizers)
  • 11:20h: Charlie Marriott, (MA Contemporary), “The Future of Poland in Allied Eyes”
  • 11:40: Fraser Sutherland, (MA Contemporary), “Popular Culture of the Post-punk Era in Britain: 1978-82”
  • 12h: William Gale, (MA Contemporary), “British Steel Workers: Nostalgia for the ‘Ideal Type’ of Working Class, 1945-1983”
  • 12:20h: Emma Barrett, (MA Contemporary), “Political Bankers, Financial Politicians: Examining the Intellectual Rationale behind Thatcher’s Financial Revolution, 1979-1986
  • 12:40h: Shahmima Akhtar (MA Global History) “The Exhibition of the Irish in the Village of Ballymaclinton from 1907-1924 – Ireland’s Exhibitions”

13h Lunch

  • 14:00h: Edmund Bradbury (MA Global History) “Pirates, Politics and the ‘Passive’ Western Indian Ocean – To what extent did communities and states engage with the Western Indian Ocean as a political theater prior to the arrival of the Portuguese in 1498?
  • 14:20h Daniel Giangrande (MA Global History) Title TBC
  • 14:40h Lee Potts (MA Global History) “Italian American Migrations 1880-1930”
  • 15h George Harvey (MA Modern British Studies) “What the hell am I doing here: Gender, Music Videos and Britpop, 1994-1997
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