Calendar of Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies Research Seminar, Autumn 2015

Autumn Term 2015 is looking like a great term for research seminars over in BOMGS!

8 Oct, Students of the Centre: “Travellers’ Tales”

15 Oct, Michael Jeffreys (Oxford): “Women of the Komnenian house under Manuel I, as seen in the poems of Manganeios Prodromos”.

22 Oct, Michael Angold (Edinburgh): “Nicholas Mesarites: a man for all seasons”

29 Oct, Christopher Wright (London): “On the spot: the appanage in Palaiologan politics”

12 Nov, Anthony Kaldellis (Ohio): “Lessons from a new History of Byzantium, 955-1097 AD”

19 Nov, Rowena Loverance (London): “What’s in a name?’ Sculptors and workshops in eleventh-century Greece”

26 Nov, Jonathan Shepard (Oxford): “Persons, practices and things in circulation between Byzantium and the British Isles in the Viking Age”

3 Dec, Mike Carr (Edinburgh): “Constantinople, Cairo or Alexandria? Latin merchants and papal trade exemptions in the late Medieval Mediterranean”

10 Dec, Margaret Mullett (Washington, D.C., Vienna, Belfast): “Peformability, laments and the Christos Paschon”



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