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Symposium: Arabic & Persian Printing History & Culture

The Centre for Printing History & Culture

Arabic & Persian Printing History & Culture | Monday 6 June 2016 | Birmingham

Historians generally credit Napoleon with introducing the printing press to the Arab world when he invaded Egypt in 1798. Although Napoleon did bring printing presses — and Arabic type — to Egypt, the story of Arabic and Persian printing is much older and the contribution of both cultures to the art of printing is still very much under investigation.
This one-day symposium looks at the history of printing across the Arabic and Persian worlds from block printing in the fourteenth century to twenty-first century digital type design, and includes talks on calligraphy, type and typography, printing history, newspapers, books and printed ephemera and the cultural impact of the printed word.
SPEAKERSGeoffrey Roper, University of Cambridge, The slow development of printing in the Arabic scrip: were ‘technical’ problems the cause or consequence?; Emanuela Conidi, University of Reading, Challenges for the Arabic script in the transition from pen to metalBorna Izadpanah, University of Reading, Early Nasta’liq movable-type printing in India and EgyptThomas Milo DecoType, Amsterdam + Onur Yazicigil, Sabanci University, Istambul, The pivotal role of Arabic script grammar in the transition from manual to mechanised text production; Mohsen KeianyBirmingham City University, The early lithographic illustrated book in Iran; Lucie Ryzova, University of Birmingham, Free floating words: the social landscapes of print in colonial Egypt; Ulrich Marzolph, University of Gottingen, The printing press as an agent of tradition in Iran: printed materials in nineteenth-century IranNile Green, University of California, Los Angeles, The University of Birmingham Institute of Advanced Studies Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Between Bombay and Tokyo: Muslim printing in an Imperial Indian Ocean; Arezou Azad, University of Birmingham, Medieval Arab manuscripts; Martin Killeen, University of Birmingham, Arab and Persian printing in the Cadbury Research Library.

This event is sponsored by
 The Bibliographical SocietyBirmingham City University and the University of Birmingham

Tickets are now available for this free event and can be booked

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Summer Seminar: ‘The Politics of the American Army’ (Brian McAllister Linn, Texas A&M)

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Professor Linn was born in the Territory of Hawaii and completed his graduate work at The Ohio State University. He is the recipient of a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, and an Olin Fellowship at Yale University.  He has been a visiting professor at the Army War College and the National University of Singapore.  He is the past president of the Society for Military History and has given numerous papers and lectures in the United States and internationally.  His next book,  Elvis’ Army:  The Transformation of the Atomic Solider, is scheduled for publication in fall 2016.  He is currently the Fulbright Distinguished Professor at the University of Birmingham.

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