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Research Seminar: Dr. Michell Chresfield, ‘The Prehistory of Multiracial America, 1870-1970’

We’re delighted to welcome our own Dr. Michell Chresfield to speak about her research.


Half and Halves and Racially Ambiguous Others: The Prehistory of Multiracial America, 1870-1970

Dr. Michell Chresfield (Birmingham)


Image courtesy Michell Chresfield

Wednesday 21 March 2018, 17.30-19.00

Muirhead Tower, Room 113

University of Birmingham

All welcome!

Contact: Simon Jackson:


MA Research Days 2018

Over the next couple of days our MA students in Contemporary History, Global History and Modern British Studies are work-shopping their nascent dissertation projects. Please see the programme below for a flavour of what they are studying.

Tuesday 20 March

Room G 26: Mechanical Engineering Building

2.15: Assemble & Introductions (Simon Jackson)

 2.30-3.15: Gender, Masculinity & Clothing

Joe Combs – Masculinity, Femininity and Homosexuality in Small Northern Industrial Towns, 1960-2000’

Katelyn Elder, ‘Boys to men: the role of public schools and the Boy Scouts in shaping masculinity in the late Victorian and early Edwardian period.’

Eleanor Holmes, ‘Dressing for the War: Utility Clothing and Rationing in World War Two Britain’


3.30-4.00: Labour, Nation & Community

Haowen (Sylvie) Liu, ‘The role of Chinese Labor in the Second World War and the subsequent labor movement’

Curt Trudgeon, ‘Immigrant and Ethnic Minority Communities in North- Western Port Cities During Interwar Britain: Racism, Urban Topography and Cultural Impacts’

Sarah Middlemass, How did print media generate and propagate ideas of ‘Britishness’: 1993-2001″.

4.30-5.15: Culture, conformity and contestation

Rachel Littler, ‘The Rational Dress Movement and Women’s Mobility’

Uzmah Mohammed,Material culture, cultural appropriation and colourblindness’ (Only 3-6 Tuesday)

Seb Read, ‘Exploring the social roles and impacts of musical subcultures in 1980s England’.  

Wednesday 21 March

Biosciences, 301

10.00 – Assemble and Welcome (Chris Moores)

10.05-11.50 – Bodies and History

Grace France, “The Rigid Right and the Strait-Laced Left? An Exploration of the Response to Page Three from 1970 to 1990”

Beth Parkes, ‘Suntanning in 1960s and 1970s Britain’

Rose Parkinson: Colonial medical care, gender, and urbanism in Bombay, c. 1913-1930

11.10 -11.55:   Empires

Ioannis Tzianis, ‘To what extent did the Vietnam war affect the UK-US relations?’ (Wednesday)

Vicky Basra, An Investigation of the Expansionary efforts of Maharajah Ranjit Singh: Accepted hero?

Charlotte McKnight, ‘Our national beverage’: The British School of Malting and Brewing’.


1.00-2.30:  Activist Selly Oak (Muirhead Tower, 109):  This is an optional session with the opportunity to find out about the Activist Selly Oak Event a Heritage Lottery Funded Project being run by Chris Moores with BRIHC – the session will take place in Muirhead Tower, 109 (it is not likely to last until 2.30 for those presenting in the final session)

2.30-3.00: Media

Emma McMullen, ‘Women’s autonomy and social class in British mass media, 1950-1970’.

Imogen Anderson, ‘The role of news broadcasts and black British cultural production in portraying Handsworth, Birmingham’



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